How to Become a RCT

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Becoming a Registered Cardiology Technologist is a rewarding career.  If you are able to work in a fast paced environment and have an eagerness to learn, this might just be the career you have been looking for. 

To become a Registered Cardiology Technologist (RCT) you must first complete a CMA approved Cardiology Technology program and successfully pass the CSCT National Exam.  A complete list of CSCT approved courses can be found under the Education tab at the CSCT website. ( )

There are many schools across the country with multiple delivery methods to suit most everyone’s situation.  Upon receiving your diploma from an approved course, you then become eligible to attempt the CSCT National Exam.  Exam sittings are held twice a year, in April and September.  Once you successfully complete the CSCT national exam, you will then become a Registered Cardiology Technologist.